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Marlborough is New Zealand's largest and most well-known wine region. Ideal growing conditions with plentiful sunshine and cool nights create wines with great fruit intensity.

Sauvignon Blanc from this region is New Zealand's most widely planted, it explodes with ripe herbaceous aromas and flavours and zesty acidity. The grapes for our Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc come from two of the best sub-regions, Renwick and Rapaura in the lower Wairau valley. They are fermented separately and then blended to create a distinctive example of this world-renowned variety.

Pinot Noir from Marlborough is also world acclaimed, and we agree. Our Pinot Noir is from Spring Creek, near the coast of Marlborough. Pinot Noir is ideally suited to the cool Marlborough climate. The warmth from the sun during the day, and cool nights ensure this super-star variety performs so well giving us such a unique red wine.

Pinot Gris is an up and coming variety in Marlborough, with a unique style that carries predominant fruit on the palate (typically stone fruit and citrus characters) with a gentle refreshing acidity typically not as pronounced as Sauvignon Blanc. An exciting style to keep an eye on and see how it will develop over time as the vines age.


Hawke's Bay is New Zealand's second largest wine growing region. It has a large range of soil types and micro-climates allowing us to select the most ideal vineyard for each grape variety. Hawke's Bay also has some of the highest sunshine hours in New Zealand.

Red grape varieties (such as our Reserve Cabernet Merlot) from the renowned Gimblett Road area ripen well on the shingle soils which reflect light onto the berries and help keep the grapes warm at night.

The fertile silty loams of the Dartmoor Valley's old river beds provide ideal vineyard sites for our Merlot, Malbec, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.

Such a wide spectrum of varieties is only possible due to Hawkes Bay's unique and varied terrior.